CNC Router adding strance paths to VCarve Output

After adding the correct files posted on here to allow Aspire to generate GCode I created G Code file for V Carving a simple “20” text.

When the carve is loaded into Snapmaker Luban 3.10.2 I see the paths for the 20 text.
However there are two large light blue paths (which I do not know what they are) shown on the bottom left hand corner of the 2 and the top right hand corner of the 0.

When I come to run this G Code, the two light blue paths are routed too, and so ruining the carve.

I need to produce text carving equivalent to V Carve part of Aspire, but cannot find a way of reproducing that in Luban.

I also do not have ANY fonts available within Luban to try to see what results could be made using the same font used in VCarve 6.091.
How do I get to use additional fonts in Luban?

As for the problem with VCarve output (am not allowed to upload copy of GCode for evaluation).
Is it a simple case that I need to use a later version of VCarve to correct my problem?

Did you ever find the solution for this? I’m having the exact same problem.

@jtubach I mentioned a few problems. Which problem exactly are you experiencing?
I must admit, I have not been using snapmaker recently as I have been spending my time on bigger projects, and so have been building and using my 1000mm x 1000mm xyz carve.

Have you tried Snapmaker Luban 3.15.0?