CNC - Option to change direction of path

I would like an option to change the direction of the path so that I can match the grain of wooden pieces while placing them on the waste board in a convenient manner. Currently it goes left to right. Minimally I’d like to be able to change it by 90deg. Other directions might be useful depending on the nature of the pattern and the material.

Arer you talking about fill mode?

Don’t see Fill Mode…

Not possible. You’d have to rotate your material.

That is why I said I would like it for an option.

And that’s why I said it’s not possible. So use another app to generate your paths, that’s what I do. Luban can’t and won’t be an all-in-one app that satisfies everyone.

What do you use? F360 is a huge step up in complexity for what I usually want to do.

Kalmdown has said he/she would like to see the option. Of course it’s possible, and simple to include in Luban.

Let me know when it’s available… I’ll be holding my breath… LOL

Sure anything is “possible”, but no point in giving false hope that it will happen. Better to just accept the harsh truth and find another solution.

What is your other solution?

I use Illustrator to make my paths (in SVG) for all my laser and CNC needs.

Illustrator doesn’t turn out your gcode. What do you use for that translation?

This is a test piece of what I trying. It works better when the direction of head goes with the grain. And its better to have the clamps in certain places for bigger pieces. So in certain circumstances I don’t have a choice to rotate the piece and need the direction of work to be different.

You export the paths as SVG from Illustrator, then Luban converts those to gcode. At least you’ll get circular paths and not zig-zag back and forth. Sure it’s more work, but no pain, no gain.

So you are still using Luban…but only doing vector shapes. If you want basrelief (depth that changes on the x and y) you have to use pixel images and to get detail it has to pass over the whole piece…generally where each pass is less then the width of the tool from the last.

Not quite. I make my own vectors for each depth, but that’s not something I require very often. Generally I have a single uniform depth.