CNC experiences

This week I made my first steps in using the CNC function of my A250
Project is milling enclosures for assembly of modules and power sockets
After a few attempts to feed the unit with readable data I was successful with the following workflow:
Make a DXF drawing using my favourite CAD software. Open DXF using LibreCAD (which is not familiar to me and has much less functions I’m used to) just for exporting the file into svg.
Not so easy was finding out the correct reference point as the cutouts on my enclosures should have been rather in place …
The software always set the drawing to the center of the work area, nice for carving pics, but not so helpful for my enclosure project.
One big issue I’ve found, which I would have asked for earliest revision:
If you run the machine from “HOME” to the pre-set reference point, the head moves down at first and THEN to the X-Y position. If there is anything in the X-Y path, e.g. a clamp or you have an incorrectly pre-set Z-position you’ll surely damage the milling cutter - as happened to me :-((
I’d prefer to set the X-Y position first and THEN lower the head!!!
Another curious effect happened at my attempt to mill just a square and a hole at the backside of the case. The path -menu didn’t appear until I added a fake outline !?

All in all I’m happy with the device and looking forward to additional and hopefully reliable features.


My Janome robot always raises the Z axis out of the way before moving X or Y if it’s not running a program because of that issue. Surprised they got it wrong.