CNC Bit Size Limited to 10mm

There is a tilt on my CNC bed with the front dipping at least 2mm from the rear. I made a custom thicker waste board and want to run it over with a facing bit (25mm) to square it to the cutting tool, but the max bit kerf in Luban is 10mm. I know I can do the math and run it at 10mm and it will work fine, but it will take more than twice as many passes to cover the whole waste board. Is there a way to increase the maximum bit kerf in Luban or do I need to move to something like Fusion360?

Also, should there really be a dip that severe in the build plate/waste board?

Thanks in advance for the help.


Shouldn’t be that extreme.
Check your assembly:
Nuts should be down on frame.
Make sure you’re using the right screws.


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@00coday and if SDJ’s answers dont fix the issue, contact support: