Camera Capture Freezing

I’ve been struggling with camera capture lately. Currently the module is freezing on the first picture and does not take any pictures. I have calibrated a number of times with no success. Any help will be appreciated.

What version of the Snapmaker Luban are you using?

Snapmaker Luban 3.5.0

Please try version 3.7.0 to see if the problem still exists.

I have the same problem with Snapmaker Lubian 3.7. The solution is to put something light on the empty areas of the plate. If the image from the camera is too dark (black), an error is generated. This is logged in the log file.

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will try this, I was having same problem with Lubian 3.8

Well it appears that this issue continues… camera capture fails if one of the sections is empty.

Luban 3.12.3

A350 in enclosure.

I believe the problem is on the Android Controller side. How do we bump this to the firmware team?


Workaround: Disable the enclosure lights and close the enlosure - the camera needs to brighten up the pictures (looks like encreasing iso values) and it wont hang anymore.