BL touch on SM2?

Inductive sensor will never work as excepted with heat bed on.
Is there a way that Snapmaker team could help us to switch inductive sensor for BL Touch ?

It is noted by our support. Will follow up with you in this thread.

Bringing this back to the top as the inductive sensor is not working for me either. I’m manually setting.
BL Touch is open source and very inexpensive to install. (CHEAP). This would solve may problems and allow the BL Touch to be mounted to the carriage (Make a bracket to attach permanently) and could touch off all materials for all 3 heads. This would create a Z=0 offset for the software to use and could be used to:

Touch off for Laser on any surface at any height.
Touch off for CNC Mill on surface or could go into a pocket to offset for 2nd operations…
Touch off 5x5 grid on 3d printer table for leveling table.

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I’m also very interested in this.

Me either, waiting for info by snapmaker team ! Thanks

Someone made amod to attach a touch probe to the inductive sensor. Even cheaper then a bltouch and from what I have heard, very effective. Also I think adding a bltouch would be very difficult. Because the bltouch uses a servo and there is no port for that in the current hardware.