Add Files to featured Projects

How to add own Projects File (xx.snapcnc; xx.snap3d & xx.snaplzr) to Featured Projects within Luban ? Would be very useful for our school, a kind of template ready to go for the classroom.


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Go to FileOpen File or you can use Ctrl + O to open the project file ( xx.snapcnc; xx.snap3d & xx.snaplzr ).


Thank you Edwin for your fast reply.

Sorry my question was not clear enough, my goal is to have my « Own » file saved there instead of Snapmaker proposal

For more clarification, I believe @AGentil means being able to add their own projects to the page shown in the attached image.

Exactly ! That’s my goal

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Are you pc or mac?


I use a Mac

@bobby4718 @AGentil

The bulit-in projects are designed to help users get started quickly. You cannot upload and save your featured projects in Snapamker Luban.

Sorry for the inconevenience.

After getting my hands in resources (not so simple), I managed to get this. My needs/purpose are met.


I had the same idea, which is why I asked mac or pc, but hadn’t had a chance to try it yet.

so you got it to work, can you tell us how you did it cause i can use it to easely and quickly get the same project done with nice visiuals. i tried it myself and found the place where the project is saved but if i save my own project there it wont show up.

that would be nice.