A150: wrong printed size

Hi guys,
my A150 is fully updated and also Luban is up to date…
I’m using Fusion 360 to design my object but it seems the measure I set in Fusion is not reflecting the printed size. For example, I’ve created a simple box that has been set 20mm wide on Fusion but after printed it is 20.5mm. The hole I design to be 5mm diameter it is about 4… mmmhhh

Is there any set I need to do?


Extruder calibration and flow correction.
Have a look here:



Thanks for the reply.
I’ve already done the extruder calibration following this guide but it doesn’t fix:

Shouldn’t be something related to the movement calibration not the amount of the filament?
Have I to set something on Fusion360 or calibrate the movement precision on my A150?

@AirMonk Maybe the inaccuracy is just an elephants foot issue?