40w laser for PCB creations?

I’ve read that the 445nm wavelength of the 40w module would be able to ablate the thin copper layer of a blank PCB and also cut through the substrate of PCB as well. This would mean that from a simple picture I could prototype some PCBs design for my custom electronic.

This would be a good usecase for me to justify the expense.

Anyone ever tried this? How did it turn out?
If not does anyone have comments about the feasibility of this?

BTW: I’m not talking about creating the screen for further chemicals etching but rather direct ablation of the copper.

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I have tried this with my 10W laser. While less powerful, it has the same wavelength as the 40W laser. Unfortunately I could not see any changes in the copper layer, but perhaps the extra 30W can make a difference.

Thank you for your reply.
I think you are right, I’ve been looking much more in depth on this subject and it is becoming very clear that the direct ablation of copper, even as thin as 1.3 mils would require not only a more powerful laser but a different kind of setup all together. I guess I’m stuck with chemical etching. :slight_smile:

The more I look the more my child dream of having a laser as an ultimate weapon gets crushed. :wink:

There are quite some members who have milled their PCB using the CNC module and an appropriate bit! If you’re interested you could look up some posts here or on the Snapmaker Facebook. Kicad is used to convert Gerber to NC paths I believe :slight_smile: .

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