3D Print - Walls not connected

Actually i try PTCG. Sticks very good on the Build Plate, i rised the first Layer to 0.3mm for better removal after print is finished.

Today i noticed that the walls are not connected overall. I haven’t noticed this yet, so I can’t say for sure whether it’s a general problem or just the PTCG.

printed with 255°C and 60mm/s

Does anyone have a tip as to what could be the cause?

Maybe to much resistance in the material feeding tube.
Maybe e-steps are too low.
Maybe filament diameter is less than what it should be.
Maybe all three :upside_down_face:

The quick and dirty fix is to just increase wall flow, but not all slicers have that option…

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I seem to see two things: A) Underextrusion → Calibrate your E-Steps. B) Backlash - your screw holes(?) are not round (unless you intended them to be of course) → Tighten the bearings in your linear modules. (just realized we’re talking about Artisan here… No idea how to fight backlash with Artisan - potentially tighten the belt?) You’ll find plenty of advice to that here in the forum.

thank you all for the quick replies.
One hole is deliberately oval. The others should be round.

I have set the flow for walls to 108% for the time being. I really need to calibrate the extruder.