3D CNC carved world map

My son wanted a wooden world map for his wall for xmas (we assume like the ones you see on Facebook at the moment), so we decided to make him a much more interesting one. I found the files for this map on thingiverse (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3850992). Had to scale it down a lot and tweak the sizes a bit to get it to a manageable size/thickness, but in the end, each one of the 32 tiles were 100mm x 100mm and 30mm thick. We glued up sheets of plywood to get the thickness then cut them down into the final tile size, ready to machine one at a time. They took an average of about 3.5 hours each using a roughing pass then two parallel finishing passes at 90º, all with the ball end mill.
After around 110 hours of machining, we just managed to get the final piece done xmas morning!

Now just trying to decide to just varnish it as is, or make a frame and do an epoxy pour to create the sea level.


That’s a neat idea. The layers of plywood got me thinking about laminating different woods - purpleheart for the ocean, walnut for the ground level, maple or poplar for the peaks. Be rather pricey at that size, of course - using ebony as a base material under the purpleheart is definitely a no-go.

I think the deep pour for sea level is a good idea. Well worth the weekend it’ll take to execute.

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