20W/40W laser depth for cutting only

What’s the best focal point to use when cutting only (no engraving) with the 20W/40W laser module? Is it still best to focus on the top surface or better to focus halfway into the material. I’ll be cutting 3mm and 6mm birch plywood.

Here you go:

Don’t have one of them. For me it depends on the cutting edge but it seems to be quite nice with air assist so, I guess there is not further stepdown necessary.

I knew about that page but it doesn’t answer my question as far as I can discern.

Cutting 3mm lime plywood works for me with the 40W laser head without any problems.

For this thickness, I set the focus on the surface and use AirAssist.

I did the material test from Lightburn beforehand and then use the lowest possible power that still cuts through completely.

I saw a video on YouTube where wood with a thickness of 25 mm was cut. There, the focus was set to 5 mm into the material. But that certainly depends on the thickness and the type of wood used. I haven’t tried this thickness myself and therefore can’t judge it from my own experience.

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For single-pass cuts on thinner material it would seem to make sense to focus half way through the material.