1600mW Laser Cutting Module for 2.0, when?

What’s the plan for Laser Cutting Module Snapmaker 2.0 compatibility?
Any timeframe set yet?

The 1600mW laser head is the one that ships with the Snapmaker2.

For information on hypothetical higher-wattage heads, you want this thread: https://forum.snapmaker.com/t/when-is-the-7-watt-laser-coming-out/12770

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I was mislead by 1600mW Laser Cutting Module description. It says: not compatible with SnapMaker 2.0, without saying it is the laser for it.

1600mW Laser Cutting Module for Snapmaker Original is designed for Snapmaker Original and is not compatible with Snpamaker 2.0.

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Just to make everything a little clearer for anyone who stumbles on this later:

The Snapmaker Original ships with a very low-wattage laser head. The separate 1600mW laser head hardyVeles was looking at is an upgrade for it, and not compatible with (or needed by) the Snapmaker2, which ships with a 1600mW laser head of different design. So not all posts here are talking about exactly the same piece of hardware. :wink: