10W limitations

Probably a stupid question, can i cut Acrylic 1/2 thick

1/2 thick?

Yes, will I started with 1/8 fine and got some 1/4 but lost some quality. It probably is not strong enough, but maybe a work around

Don’t be a unit-less wonder! Give those numbers some company! :wink:
It makes some difference if your talking metric or those wired american stuff :smile:<

To give something real for the discussion:
what color does the acrylic have? It will make a difference how much of the energy gets absorbed

I assumed, and we know what that means… even worse than being an American, I am a New Yorker… I remember we were going to the Metric system in 1973!!!

I have 3 different sizes
1/8", 1/4" Black Matte Acrylic
and 1/2" Black Opaque

So my Full name is Donald Fischer and they usually call me Fish. I thought it was some sort of typo when I had seen your name. The Fischer family is from Russia a couple of Hundred years ago and the other side (AUER) is from Germany.

Guess 1/8" should work fine, they claim that they can cut black acrylic 5mm ~ 1/5" in on path … so probably with multiple path maybe the 1/4" will work as well.

P.S. “Fischer” ist pretty common in germany because the name goes back the the job (fisher man = Fischer) of the ancestors

Fisher is more common here

So did multiple paths and happy with 1/8" and 1/4". Cutting 1/2" now.

Unfortunately I am confused and not quite happy with the workflow using LUBAN. Please let me know if this seem right

  1. I have to connect and have the device HOMED before I start or else it locks up. I do not see an option to Home it from the touch screen and must make sure it is saved before I connect. I had seen this issue posted and did not see a fix, just a workaround. I will try looking for upgrades.
  2. Disconnect and must measure from the touch screen as the measure on LUBAN always involves it slamming into the bed. I guess I only have to remeasure when change material thickness
  3. Reconnect and load G code to workspace and run.

I am attaching screenshots of each configuration and any pointers would be helpful.

Do not worry about the 3mm label, just the configuration I started with
The 1/2" is not complete yet, didn’t cut all the way thru, but I was using 2 pieces of 1/4"

You’re trying to run the laserjob out of Luban (controlling the machine with the PC)?
For me i just generate the G-Code with luban, then send it via wifi to my Snapmaker and rund it from the controllpanel - there you can set the tickness of your material (in auto mode) and adjust the zero point

I tried running the project direct out of Luban once … but endet up with my laser head in the bed as well…

for me this workflow works best - especially because i use a diy 10w laser