Using a glass bed

hi. recently bought a borosilicate glass for my A350. i manually leveled it but i am having so-so results. i used some hairspray to increase adhesion after my first print started to lift along the edges, but want to see what else i could be doing to improve this.

the skirt sticks fine, but the first layer does not lay any filament down. is the head too close? but then why would the skirt be OK?

also had not thought to remove the magnetic sheet before putting the glass down, should i?

any tips or links appreciated! thx

Maybe this helps:

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Try to come out a bit on your z offset if nothing is coming out.

If you remove the sheet it might change things a little bit. i probably would but its probably minimal impact.

Probably more importantly is to preheat your bed for 10 mins at temp before calibrate because the frame will distory.

The link chris shared has a part designed by someone who lets you auto level with the glass, but right now its taken down for remake. if you send a pm to stefix he can send it to you though. I use this part and i love it very much, but i dont leave it on the machine all the time. i just put it on with double sided temporary tape and then pop it off so i dont have to worry about it snagging on something.

I am finding with the glass bed that i have a LOT better success with a magigoo or bed weld or glue stick than without, but the quality of part is 100% better.

Gota be careful with glass clip placement, after screwing around i found a pretty good positioning of them after designing my own clips which is also available in that link above.

After you get a little progress you’ll find that you made a good decision to change to a glass bed :slight_smile:

ive been experimenting with different substrates on the bottom o fthe glass, from a magnetic adhesive sheet (in hopes it would attach to the magnets which did not work) and now i have kapton tape. I have had good experiences with both, it seemed like the magnetic sheeting had a better impact on heat transfer for some reason but it was making some spots hotter than others while the kapton tape seems to be more distributed evenly but not quite as hot.


Thanks MooseJuice! lots of good info there. Really appreciate. I will contact Stefix and take a look at his tool. cheers.

thanks xchrid, will look into this!

thanks MooseJuice, i just messaged Stefix. will stay on it