Unglazed Ceramic Tile For Halloween

I didn’t really plan to share this one, as it was merely a test that became very interesting. Using the back side of a tile (so the unglazed side) with the 10W laser @ 500mm/m 100% power… It turns silver! The picture does not do it justice, but in the light, it’s shimmery and sparkly like a silvery paint or something.

I did this to cheer someone up, not as a finished product or anything, but I figured it was neat enough to share.


That’s really neat; I imagine that if you’ve got a paint-your-own pottery place, that you could go get unglazed tiles, laser them, and then wash over with glaze to bring out the pattern (maybe some drybrushing, too). Thank you for showing this off – it’s neat! (Did it work? That is, did it cheer the recipient up?)

Indeed it did, they have glazes and whatnot at home and can fire them in a kiln where they work. So they plan to get me some bare tile and other ceramics to see if post glazing works

And here’s another for halloween, however, this one is glazed.