Quickswap for SM2 in the making?

Not sure what it’s worth, but found this by happenstance (from the EU shop pages):

“Available soon” might suggest that they plan to retrofit it after all?

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Yeah, there was an official blog release after CES 2023 that they would be working on a quick-swap for the 2.0, to come sometime around Q3 this year. My understanding is that it will be for the toolheads only though, as the development of a bed swap will cause a costly price for it that most people will opt against.

“In the second and third quarters of 2023, we will launch the quick-swap addon for Snapmaker 2.0”


I missed this part before…
“…as well as some other upgrades we can’t mention.”
WHAT?! Now you really have my attention. What could these upgrades be that they are kept secret? VERY interesting. The dual extruder was already for sale and the vibration compensation firmware already mentioned when this was written, so it can’t be those. :face_with_monocle::thinking:

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Things they mentioned during Kickstarter Campaign which I’d see as interesting and valuable addons would be the the Handwheel controller and/or the IP camera (although the latter might be a bit unneccessary with all the Octoprint etc. options existing). In the Artisan announcement video they had a 5th axis - also very interesting. But if they follow their “let’s make things expensive” politics, I’m out… I mean: List price for the DX head 700 bucks… you get very good 3D printers for that price… Even the 400something I paid during preorder phase really hurt…


They actually took my notebook and recorder away to talk about them! Hopefully some details on them soon! :wink:

This is good news indeed. Thanks for sharing.

Look at the poster - Snapmaker Original/2.0 Owners | Facebook

The quick swap seems to be under $200 :slight_smile:

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How do you know?