Minimum layer height?

is there a minimum layer height for the snapmaker nozzle?


I am just trying to improve the quality of my prints.

Has anybody had success with layer height below 0.1mm?

If so, what other settings are needed?


The general advice is to set layer height to 75%-85% of the nozzle diameter, so 0.32mm for a 0.4mm diameter. There is a magic value based on the stepper motor, which for the Snapmaker is 0.04 if I recall correctly. The layer height should be a multiple of this number, so 0.04 would be your absolute minimum.

EDIT: This is from my notes, gleaned from posts here and there on the forum:

The magic number for the SM2 is 0.04mm. Justification for the magic number:

  • Stepper is 1.8° per full step. Leadscrews in the motion modules are 2mm pitch 8mm lead (4 start)
  • Firmware is set to 400 steps per mm and 1/16 microstepping (limit of the Toshiba stepper drivers used in the motion modules and also limit of the A4988 used in the extruder module)

Use increments of 0.04mm for layer height.
Layer heights:
0.08 - Ultra Fine (Ludicrous Slow Mode)
0.12 - Fine (Very Slow)
0.20 - Medium
0.32 - Max Thickness (Fastest)

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many many thanks

for detailed answer

I read somewhere that the v1 supports down to 0.05mm. I mostly used the stock print profile of 0.1mm, 0.15mm, and 0.2mm, and I don’t have the experience to know why the 0.12mm would be better than 0.1mm. I’ve been meaning to try edf’s numbers, but haven’t yet.

I have printed at 0.05mm on my v1, and I don’t have any complaints. I don’t know if it’s rounding up to 0.08mm or doing some extra stepper motor things to make it actually 0.05mm. I’ve also printed at 0.4mm layer height. It works, but I’m seeing a lot of underextrusion after travel, so there are still some kinks to work out.

0.05mm is sloooow, but it looks really good.

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