M420 - Bed Leveling State

Recently I watched this gentleman - Ricky Impey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmhBYOEb-ro
I know he refers to the Creality Ender printer, but maybe this information / function will apply to us at SnapMaker.
And I started to wonder if we shouldn’t modify the initial gcode with our printers as well.
I’ve been using Ultimaker Cura with the basic (default) settings for SnapMaker for a while. There is no starting line resembling the G29 or M420 code.
For comparison, I installed the newest Luban and generated the first gcode object to check what the situation looks like there. There is also not what I expected to find.
Personally, I have too little knowledge about programming the printer itself - my own software and programs supporting cutting models for printing.