Luban Check for Updates error

Running the latest version of Luban, when I go to manually check for updates, I get an error message, searched the forum didn’t see anything about this. Any ideas?

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It’s been an issue for a while over several versions. Better to just go to the official Snapmaker website and see what the latest version available there is, and download/install it manually. The same is true for firmware.

When is this going to be fixed?

I have this same issue, even after updating to 4.6.3. Seems like something that should be easy to fix, and something the manufacturer would -want- to fix since it would only help ensure that we’re all running the latest and greatest versions of software.


Experiencing the same issue

Has the “check for updates” error been fixed in 4.7.0?

No, it appears that it is still an issue; though difficult to know for sure since there is no newer version for it to look for.

Still happening with 4.7.

I can confirm that i have the error also now after a year in V4.11 on the Linux version.

Not a big deal to check Github once in a while, but then they should better remove the option.