Laser engraving slate

Has anyone successfully laser engraved slate?

On the facebook forum someone has engraved slate coasters.
I thought I had some slate leftover from doing our floors and was going to play with it but unfortunately I don’t. I have tried it on soapstone and it worked nicely.


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yes… have a look here

search for slate engraving
enjoy it

Are you the original poster? Could you duplicate into this forum? Some users here (myself included) don’t use Facebook

Hope this 2 pictures helps you

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This look more standard

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This is great, thank you



12" x 12"
I used vector with “filled” on. Think I was 400mm/s 100% power.
Different colors/kinds of slate seems to react differently. You can see how the one section in the middle that has different composition didn’t engrave as well.


The center makes it look like an authentic Rune.

Me either, facebook free for 6 years:).

What post processing needs to be done?
How resistant is to wear if actually used as a coaster?
What depth of cut?
Single pass?

All this would be useful information.