Laser engraved Marble Slab

I laser engraved the harbour in my city on a slab of marble. The slab of marble is 400mm x 150mm, but because the engraving was 1/3 water it was no issue!



Awesome! What were your laser settings for this engraving? How did you set this up? Any lessons learned to share with us all?

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fill mode
720mm/min travel speed
500 Lines per inch
only 1 pass at 100% power

I would avoid marble with very pronounced marbling. Some of my text wasn’t so clear in the middle due to the laser reacting to the material differently. Dark marble would be preferred

Did you use Gimp or something? I’m curious about if your processing of the image. Or is it just a google maps dropped into Luban?

Where did you get your marble? Is it actual marble or a composite?

I tried a piece of marble I happened to have at much slower speeds and it barely left a mark.
If I look at an angle I could see it was no longer shiny, but not enough to be usable.
I ended up using cnc and was happy with those results.
Slate I’ve had no problem with using laser on.


This is impressive - I haven’t had much luck with anything other than wood.

Yeah, I saw that post when I was trying to research people engraving marble. I purchased it at winners not exactly sure if it is marble or not but it was advertised to be so id assume so.