DIY Enclosure controls by Ronin - found on YouTube

Did anybody follow his instructions? He mentioned in the comments that source code will be available here, but I couldn’t find it…

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As far as I know he hasn’t shared the code yet. Only some binaries. Not sure if he ever will.

Anyone ever considered PMing @Ronin?

Never sent a DM to @Ronin , but did ask the same question on the forum and in the comments on his youtube movies. (Always with a reply that he was going to publish after some cleanup).

I did today, it looks like he is reading the forum, just not active, I wonder if he lost interest or changed the machine…

I once ordered this PCBs and assembled it - works fine for me. I used it to watch CAN bus frames, various tests, etc. But after a while I lost interest.
However, when I sent @Ronin any questions about his designs or details, he always answered and helped me - sometimes quickly, sometimes after a few days or a week. I think he’s just busy with some other interesting projects or just enjoying life.
Also @Streupfeffer did some DIY module, also other users e.g. tried to attach touch sensors to CAN etc. For everyone it’s more like a hobby than a real need and they do it for fun without time pressure.

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