Can anyone tell me the dimensions of the screw that holds the bit?

The screw that holds the bit in place seems to have flown off somewhere while milling. Does anyone know what sort of screw I need to replace it?

set screw M3, 3 mm long


Here is a link to them on amazon.

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Wow they are expensive at Amazon!
For this price I can buy about 360 pieces…


Danke, and thank you all.

So, that takes a 1.5 mm hex key? Just want to be sure, so I don’t wreck the screw.

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Thank You all.
I’ve experienced the same issue.
You’ve all saved me a lot of hassle.

Can anyone tell me what i did wrong?
I tightened it pretty good.
Should i be doing my roughing cut more shallow or more deeper.
It was a bit unnerving the way the tool was thrashing around.
i used default settings after importing snapmaker tool library and machine, also using the 3mm ball mill from snapmaker.
I am trying to make this from a piece of lumber that i faced down to 1.023".

It was awful to watch.
I am new to CNC machining. I’ve been 3d printing and plasma cutting for several years.
This CNC stuff has just been an exercise in self humiliation.
Id be grateful for any suggestions or links to instructional videos.

Your post has nothing to do with this topic.
It should be it’s own post.

Can’t really tell you anything since you haven’t shared any of your settings - step-down, work speed, type of wood.
Need more info.

Presumably the set screw launched off for a reason. I figured the reason was related to my ignorance and subsequent misuse.
That is why i felt this post has everything to do with this topic.

Specifically what settings do you need?
The wood is a piece of tongue and groove floor material. looks like some form of white pine.
Plenty soft.

Feeds and speeds are in pic below. Max roughing stepdown is 0.3125". There is a setting called climb that is checked and i don’t know if it should be.
I faced the wood down to 1.023" using the flat end mill with no problem. It came out excellent. It made some noise but nothing that i felt was cause for concern.
These roughing cuts were so rough the setscrew loosened. I tightened the crap out of it. It came out again. Now its completely lost and here i am at this thread.