Camera Capture does work on V3.3.3

I updated to version 3.3.3 and camera capture function stopped working. The page crashes when clicking on the Camera Capture button. I have to downgrade to V3.2.0 or V3.1.1 to use camera. Please fix, thanks.

Same issue… camera capture does not work in v3.3.3.

Following the issue.

Updated: Will be fixed in v3.4.0.

Same issue
It just show a blank screen after I click camera button(menu bar is alive), but camera works if I use luban in borwser(for calib)

same issue here. Using luban v3.3.3 and when clicking “camera capture” with Mac OS 10.15.4

Hi, the issue is fixed in the latest version v3.4.2. Please try that version and see if the problem persists.