Snapmaker Luban add DXF files Laser or cnc

Hi all,
When I import a dxf drawing, the scale is not respected and I do not know how to handle accuracy.
Maybe you need to use another file format. (Fusion 360 (80mm x 100mm) )

Result in Luban after import (12.8mm x 10.3mm)

Thank you for your feedback


Please kindly send me the DXF file so that we can try it at our end.


Hello, thank you. Here is the file

Boite_Laser v7 - (1.6 KB)

When I import the file Boite_Laser v7 - Corps1.dxf, the default size is 12.8mm x 10.3mm. Luban does not read the origin size of the image and consider it as a default sized one.

This is a bug of Luban, and I have forward it to our software developer team.

You can manually adjust the size in Snapmaker Luban as well.

I was told that this issue is fixed in Snapmaker Luban V3.15.0. When I dragged the file in Snapmaker Luban, it showed up in a reasonable size (100.2mm * 80.2mm).

Snapmaker Luban V3.15.0 will be released in the near future.


I have same problem. Is the 3.15 relesed? If not then enyone know when it will be?

It has not been released yet. @Edwin has mentioned that they are attempting to get the next firmware version (or at least bug fixes) out before May, so in the relatively near future. I would guess this would mean near the end of April or beginning of May. However, if you don’t use the rotary module, it has been recommended by other users to avoid updating to 3.14 as there have been several bugs introduced in that version.

According to our software team, Snapmaker Luban V3.15 will be released before May. We will update the downloading link in the forum and our github reposoty.


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