Problem Snapmaker Luban 3.15.1 -- macOS Catalina no program windows

Hi @parachvte, hi there
i need some help with Snapmaker Luban software, done the upgrade from 3.14.0 > 3.15.1.
since then there is no “Program Window” available.

What i tried until now:

  • Detached MacBook from dual Screen, since i found an entry in the forum that there was a kind of a bug >> No success ;-(
  • Fresh Installation:
    Removed the software as well as all entries in the the Libraries (double checked with AppCleaner and with a search for snapmaker / luban)
    Downloaded & installed a the fresh Version of Snapmaker Luban >> No success ;-(

The funny part is if I start it straight out of the dmg it works.

Any help or advises would be appreciated.