Power Adapter Failed - quick replacement?

Power adapter failed after 1 month, no LED, no power. Already sent warranty request, but trying to get a replacement FAST from amazon or other, can you recommend?

Check on the underside for a model (mine says LYD2405000) - do a google search for that and you’ll probably find an Alibaba.com link. Take a note of the specifications (mine is 24V 120W 5A) - especially the tip size (5.5 outer, 2.1 mm inner seems to be what the LYD2405000 is). Then you can look on Amazon to find a suitable one.

This one https://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=B01MY96ZQE looks right but I do not know for sure.

Thanks, Harry! I had already done that, the Alibaba guarantees delivery in 60 days! I found this one on amazon with the same specs as yours, but I was hoping to find out for sure before I paid for it.

Hi @maddic

Please follow these steps to troubleshoot:

  1. Make sure the cables on the power adapter are well connected.
  2. Is the LED on the power adapter on when the power adapter is not connected to the controller?
    We can send you a replacement in early March after the problem is identified.

Look forward to your reply. Thank you!

Best regards,

Hi @Rainie,
The cables are well connected and tested on multiple working outlets. The LED on the power adapter does not turn on at all. It also has a toasted plastic smell.

Hi @maddic, my power adapter also failed after a couple of days of use with a loud “pop” when powering the machine on. I ordered a new power supply from rs pro: rs-online.com: RS Pro 120W, 24V, 5A, delivered within 2 days (to sweden). It is working fine. (dc plug 2.1 x 5x5). Note that the IEC cable might not be included. In the case of my rs pro it uses the same connector as the original snapmaker power adapter. Hope things work out for you, good luck.

David did you end up getting the supernight adapter from Amazon?

Yes. $18.99 from Amazon.

To provide others with a choice / option:

I am using this power adapter. It has a higher capacity (10A) and it costs more. I feel that there is nothing “wrong” with using the 5A power adapter above, but I chose to buy this one instead because it runs a LOT cooler:

The OEM power adapter was always hot to the touch after printing and I didn’t like the idea of running the power supply near its rated capacity for so long.

I believe this power adapter heats up the bed a little bit faster and it seems to heat up the nozzle faster as well. I have been using this 10A adapter for a month now and have no complaints. Also, I have the enclosure and was able to fit the ferrite (the big thick thing in the cable) through by removing the rubber grommet from the enclosure, placing the grommet over the ferrite by hand and feeding the cable into the enclosure. I was able to place the grommet back into the enclosure hole with the cable in place.