A350 - printing on glass

I printed two things on the ultrabase… amazing.
Top quality and so easy to remove!

I’ll build four stops to fix the bed.
If they are working, i‘ll publish the STL‘s for them.


Ok guys ! I did bought a 2mm bed Glass. I did print with manual calibration and it work perfectly.
I want to try auto-calibration but I’m afraid do I need to put aluminium plate on the bottom of the glass bed ?
What best solution to lock the glass bed on the SM2 ?

You need a magnetic material (aluminum isn’t).
But i think it wouldn’t work, because the sensor detects the surface. But the metalplate is 2mm under the surface.

I printed four holders, they fix my ultrabase. I’ll post an image soon.

in theory you could swap the inductive sensor for another one with a higher Sn (nominal switching distance). Like 4 or 5mm and then you could auto level with the glas bed on it.

I think the sensor is also at fault for some of the destroyed build surfaces.

So here is my solution for the anycubic ultrabase (310x310mm)
(Calibration manually)

Made four fixes at the corners, fits perfect!

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I just had the start of my next print try to start at least 2mm below the glass. This is with manual calibration and NO quick calibration. No manual calibration was done after the initial one when I installed the glass bed. The only thing I did was “adjust settings” before this print IE bed temp up from 50C to 55C. So I’m guessing this is related to a homing issue or a calibration stacking issue. Either way I was there and killed the machine as it drug the nozzle along the edge of my glass. Please @Snapmaker we need a remedy quickly.

We need to be able to edit manual calibration point without doing all the 9 point from start !

What the G-Code command to change the point number 3 ?
is it this commands ?
G29 W I0 J2 ZX.XX
Please need help

I think it should be
G29 S3 I0 J2 Zx.xx

and then an M500 to save it

see here

No it doesnt work They use there own code for Leveling the bed.

I have Octoprint connected to mine now and will see what I can find out about editing the points via a plugin or two.

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Looks good, what matrix size did you calibrate with? I presume 3x3 should work fine if the material is flat, which glass will be.

DPH_1V2.stl (19.7 KB) DPH_2V2.stl (19.7 KB)

Here are the STLs for the corner fixtures.