Z-Axis falling down?


That is good to know you were able to address it, Les, but I have the problem on both axes, so I don’t expect that will fix it. One of these days, I tear the thing down to bare nuts, and reassemble… but for the foreseeable future, I won’t have that kind of time…


I am now experiencing the Z axis slipping down as one of the original Snapmaker crowdfunder. Would removing the M code and leaving the motors on at the end of the G code hurt anything? Seems once power is removed, down it goes. (all screws have been tightened).


Removing the M84 command will not hurt at all and will stop the Z-Axis head from falling. Leaving the motors energized will keep them in position. I would not recommend leaving then energized for hours on end without moving them as they will get a little warm in the holding position. (This is why large CNC machines have electro holding brakes on them so if you loose power the slides don’t fall down). Same applies here the M84 command removes power to the drive and nothing is holding it from falling down (except a tighter ball screw or extra thick grease).