WTF Custom ising shit

What happen to teh devolepers
DO THEY LOVE to sit an click boxes al day
Whay can i mark and klick ok FFS
Evry time i start the program you have don som LAYOUT difrenses so ALL of the prior things is moved and now i have to check Like 400 boxex to se all parameters YES i understand the ide about it i shall mark only the things i want to change
BUT be onest it is much easyer to scroll past the shit i dont want to change and so on
Now if i missed to chek one F box i have to look for it in 2h to realize i have to go back and check an box in an list that is forever
IF you are changing somthings CAN you stop an think for 5 sec IS this BETER or is it Just somthing difrent
Most of the changes just looks like it is for the change so it look difrent
IT is NOT beter whit just 2 buttons
THAT is when YOU have teh PERFEKT PRINTER then you can BUT 2 butons ther Slice then Print mayby it is enuf whit one
But rigth now i have to change alot of parameters And HALF of the time is to Figure out wht you have change in LUBAN not what i shal chang in the setings to get an GOOD print
AND whay CANT you put an save button for the configuratin so when i tested 200 difrent parameter i can save it and call it “PLA from Hell whit stron walls”…
Now i have to go and mayby copy setings not sure how i can do that an creat an new profile that i vant find later becuse you have don som new way of geting it

SO wher is The MANUAL SO i can read About how to do
OR dont you Know for your self how to do
Give me an HINT how you think AND how you do thing

AND whay
When i go for changing meterial i have to go in custom and then it higlits random shit ther so you DONT know what material you ar edit…
Can you PUT up an Label abow parameter whit what profile you are workin on
Same EVRY time i have to Gues witch material im mixing whit
AND agen What is the problem whit an SAVE button
so if im changing somthing and notis im wrong i just can discarge it NO now i have to figur out what i change and not…

One More thing I cant se all name of the profile IF i USE somthing that is understandebel and nit just SKDFAFDDASDCV shortings
I like to PRINT out the make of material and what type of printing im soupuse to do and Nozel Size
Like SunLu PLA Carbon Strong Nozel 0,8
Then i Se SunLu PLA Carbon…

This forum needs a moderator that kills such rants… Its a pain to read this incoherent ramblings full of typos and with no structure at all… Man, what’s your point? Don’t write a story, put down your suggestions for improvement, and be constructive about it!

I think maybe this is a case of dyslexia - I do not think someone writes like that on purpose :thinking: