Wrong x and y axle when turn 180 degree

I make shadowboards. My snapmaker is to short for 492mm so i do the first side maschine reset work origin to Diagonal and turn the Board also . But there is a different i can not understand. ca 5 mm x and y achse.
I create the maschining with fusion360 and the laser with the skizze from fusion 360 with Lightburn. Both use the same ground info . See Fotos https://c.web.de/@400676813438714392/mTCy-SvmSOS7SZv7mlZy1w

Not sure what you’re asking.

Can you rephrase it?


Hi. Ihave a board 320x492mm .It will not fit for snapmaker 359. so i maschiend one sideand then i move the board 180 degree and maschien the other side . i do the ursprung also move 180 degree. the x and y achse will not hit the right points it is ca 5 mm went in both directions.x and y.
Now i hope you understand ,and sorry for my english

Tell it in german, i guess your work origin is not set right.

Ich glaube ich brauche nur die work Origin Koordinaten für die vordere linke Ecke der Arbeitsfläche für den 20W Laser und den Fräskopf. Snapmaker 2.0 350.
Ich glaube das hilft mir weiter

For sure your orgin is not set rigth and did you make an new setup of the pice in CAM program
It is always hard to move turn 180 degres esyr to slide