Wrong G-code generated


while printing a simple box, the G-code generated make the nozle travel across the box without reason and generating a thin filament.

Snapmaker-js version : 2.6.1


Did you design this box? Usually when I see something like that, it’s because there’s a small gap or weirdness. If there was a small gap or jog at those two corners, the slicer could do that. In either case, zooming in those corners might reveal a small travel anomaly which might give you an idea.

Do you have a link to the object? I’d be happy to take a look.

You might read through a moonglum’s comment on another post. He had some some suggestions for object analysis.


Yes, I design this box.
zooming on the corners doesn’t show something strange.
When I use the snapmaker3D to print this object I don’t get issue !
Sorry but I don’t hav a link to this object.