Which Firmware ? Basic or Enclosure


I’m fairly certain the answer is self evident but just wanted to make sure.
If you are upgrading the firmware is Basic for if you do not have the enclosure, and is enclosure for if you do?

What are the differences?

If my enclosure hasn’t arrived yet but I want to go ahead and upgrade the firmware will it hurt anything to go ahead and load the Enclosure version?



Hi ErkDog
The latest firmware version is V2.7. You can check out here. Downloads and Updates for Firmware

In V2.7 the firmware is only one update file now, you can choose to use the Door Detection feature or not in Snapmakerjs instead of choosing firmware files.

Apologize for this inconvenience experience.



You might want to hold off on upgrading the firmware for the time being. There have been numerous reports of an issue with the transport function being corrupted forcing the user to reinstall the previous version. I’d wait for a official statement from @Jade or another of the Snapmaker team.


My enclosure should be arriving any day now and I will probably leave the cable unconnected for the time being, and not updating the firmware or JS until this issue is resolved.
As the saying goes: “Never fix a working thing”.


I also thought so but there are minor bugfixes in every single version so it makes sense to update.


Hi BriHar, I’m so sorry for the late reply. I was off line for a month for some other work and a business trip. I’d suggest update the firmware to the latest version. As for the enclosure feature, just disable it if you don’t not connect an enclosure V1.1 to your printer, and enable it when you need to use the enclosure V1.1. If you meet any problem, contact the support team and you’ll fix it with the guide.
The latest version of firmware: