When can I preorder 2.5 upgrades?

Does anyone know when I can preorder my 2.5 upgrades before “life” happens and I have to spend my rainy day cash on something else? Lol.
Thanks, Christian.

They’ve only announced that they will be coming in June/July.
Whether that’s when they can be ordered or actually received hasn’t even been specified.

The newly-designed 3D printing module and linear modules will be available in online store in June, and Snapmaker 2.0 owners can have 50% discount at that time.

Sorry for the inconvenience



Hello Edwin,
How long do you plan to offer the 50% discount?

I was told that the 3D printing module, linear module and the tool-head cable will be available in June. And Snapmaker 2.0 owners can receive the discount code at that time.


now is this the same as the upcoming dual extruder? or, if you wait for dual extruder module will it include the upgraded 3d printing module? Sorry if this is a dumb question im a newb and looking to get educated as this is my first printer.

Nope. We do not offer the 50% discount for the dual-extruder module, which will be available in the end of 2021.


The “2.5” upgrades are for the standard printing module and possiblely standard linear rails. Essentially, the development team has made improvements based on user suggestions since launch, and will be only shipping out the new versions once released. The discount is for users that had the printer before these updates so that they can still enjoy these improvements without breaking the bank too much.

This is completely unrelated to the entirely new modules such as dual extruder, rotary, and 7W laser modules. These are completely new modules rather than updated versions of existing modules and as such will not be included in this discount. Though I suspect that at launch there will be some kind of limited-availability discount for current machine owners as there was with the rotary module/emergency stop button.

I hope this provides some clarification for you @Cwf46!

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thanks for the info!

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