What Problem is this?

Hello together i printed a part of a glove and i had similar cases where this happended but not as worse as it is with this part

Looks like it extruded to less or nothing the material is very weak in this area what can i do to avoid this?
Thx for every tipp

Could be underextrusion—not uncommon if you’re still using factory settings. Have you calibrated your e-steps? Extruder Calibration a must

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Underextrusion possibly, the link @ElloryJaye posted is the original link and its cluttered, here’s the cleaned up summary one. Summary: Extruder calibration a must

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thx for the reply but I calibrated the e-steps multiple times now. but I will check it again to be sure

If your e-steps are calibrated, then it’s probably moist filament

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Hm ok since i opened the filament it was in a filament box with 10% humidity. So it should be ok

Could be the filament is binding on the z tower. Could be there’s a partial clog.

You could slice just that section of the model and watch it print to learn what’s happening.

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Just because you had it in a box that was down to 10% humidity, does not mean it wasnt humid when you opened it. I open brand new freshly sealed spools (even the good stuff like Matterhackers, even matterhackers pro which seems packaged worse than their build line for some damn reason) and they are wet sometimes.

Unless your humidity control box actively heats to evaporate the moisture in the filament, a passive humidity absorbing method like silicate would not draw it from the material, just the air.

with that said, it could be a partial clog as well

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@brent113 im using the filament guide that should be ok but im looking for a better solution. I will check the nozzle as well!
@MooseJuice yeah i heard that even new filament can alredy be moised. And no the box does not heat.

I would even guess partial clog, underextrusion or filament grinding because of excessive retraction moves.
Try a retraction of 1mm@45mm/s or 60mm/s if you slice with Luban.

The retract was set by 0.6 mm a 60mm/s and i sliced with cura

Did you force retract between layers?
“retract at Layer Change” should be off.

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Ok this is turned on in my settings

I even checked my esteps now and turned out they were on default again maybe bc the firmware update! But i have another problem/question
Has anyone similar problems?

Seems like it allways on the point where the layer change is

Do you have retraction enabled on layer change? Disregard, I see it was already mentioned. What about z-hop?

does your print head wobble on the up and down maybe it has loosened up and the slop is causing it to repeat poorly

Yes z hop is on but that shouldn’t happen even shen its on

You mean the printhead itself or anything else?

I believe he’s talking about the head and the bracket of the rail that it’s mounted to. Check to make sure it’s tight, when it loosens it can cause a lot of things to go wrong. Also, have you trammed the x-axis?

When im at home i check thats everything is tight. You mean that i crashed in somewhere?