What do you think about SUNLU S4 - filament dryer?

SUNLU S4 on Kickstarter, the lastest project of Sunlu. S4 is suitable for common PLA, PLA+ filament, ABS, PETG, and any other filaments, which can holds up to 4 spools of 1KG filament at once and worry-free with Auto Humidity control.

I think the fact that it’s a single chamber is quite limiting. All 4 rolls will have to be at the same temperature, which effectively eliminates the possibility of being able to dry 2/3/4 different filament types at the same time.

It also concerns me that the Sunlu company is STILL having to fund their new products via Kickstarter, which typically means the first users are basically beta-testers. To me this means that the product will not have been fully developed and tested before being released. Personally, I only participate in stuff like that when it’s a 100% open-source project. I won’t buy it until it’s released for retail, if even then. From what I can see, individual S1 Plus dryers will be a more versatile option, and probably for a lot less.

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