What about Linux support?

I just received my snapmaker, bravo the quality is impeccable. But I have a basic question to ask you: What about Linux support?

The world of mackers is above all collaborative and respectful, Linux is the OS which is a wonderful representation of this ethic of collaborative exchange. Would it be necessary today, after more than 20 years of emancipation, that I return on closed systems, inflated with spy devices that are the OS owners? NO

I would like you to communicate to me, the tools “possibly see the sources” necessary to allow me to use in the end this beautiful machine the snapmaker, with the environment worthy of this quality namely Linux.

There are undeniably many users wishing to use Linux directly, where possibly ROS ‘Robotic OS’ with the Snapmaker. It would be advisable to set up an advanced users ‘dialogue space to promote a community of users by distributing the snapmakers’ design documents. The level of the signals and the pinouts between the controller and the various devices “screen, motors, detectors …”. Bus used (I2C, SPI, CAN, …) processors and the system used in the controller, snapmakers.
In short, all the documentary support necessary to federate a real community of advanced GeekSnapper users.
I consulted the github of “whimsycwd”, but the documentations are mainly in Chinese.

Director of a training center in robotics, I would like to be able to provide many snapmakers in the spirit that I have just stated.

Thank you for your attention.



Very nice post. I was just about to ask the same :stuck_out_tongue:

My “Tinker”-PC is a Linux machine and I would love to see Linux-support.
Since you guys already do have a Mac-version, it can’t possibly be that hard to port it to Ubuntu.
Maybe asking for advanced documentary about the printer itself is a little too much. But at least a working
Software for Linux would be mandatory.

I believe the Snapmaker software is based on Cura, which does have a Linux version.
I may be wrong. Snapmaker, please clarify.

Great post. @philuser

As a programmer, I love Linux. Back at university, We use ubuntu to do a lot of exercises to understand
how computer work. For a year or two. Ubuntu is my default operating system. Now I use Mac, But still all
the online server for snapmker.com, and forum.snapmaker.com use CentOS and Ubuntu.

About Snapmakerjs

We develop our CNC & Laser software based on this amazing open source project https://github.com/cncjs/cncjs.
Which is a great project released under MIT License. Cheton who has created the amazing cncjs software and
encouraged us to develop our software based on it.

We have added new feature like Laser image gcode generate, Snapmaker toolhead auto-detect and etc feature into it.

Next big feature is SVG laser & CNC gcode generate feature.

About Snapmaker3D

Snapmaker3D is developed based on Cura slicing engine and Unity engine.

About Linux support

We discussed this topic seriously before.

  1. Snapmakerjs can release Linux version, since it’s base on electron.
  2. Snapmnaker3D can release Linux version since it’s base on Unity3d.

But these cross-platfrom feature is not come with hassle-free way.
for example when it comes to File System and serialport, then it’s OS-related.
In short, we have limit resource now.
Believe me, this is one of top in our requirement backlog.
I will release Linux version for Snapmakerjs in next release.

About Open source

Let’s discuss software first. Two main reasons we will keep it closed for now.

  1. Snapmaker3D & Snapmakerjs is still very early stage now. In order to implement features. Mess code exists.
    I don’t think open source a piece of crap will benefit others.
  2. We don’t feel safe to give away in this early stage of our company.
    • have you notice ‘https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1563123582/mooz-industrial-grade-transformable-metallic-3d-pr
      • This is a company 500 meters away from us. BTW this is a company ten times bigger than us. Their strategy is to copy popular product. And give away profit margin to get good number in public. Then get money from investor. As engineer, I am shame on them. But I have to say they get what that want.
      • We won’t pay much attention to them, and over-react to these case. But We can forsee Nooz, OoozZ..Z will coming up.
    • We spend months to figure out ways to give our backer better software experience.
    • Yes, with your help, we have grown from a baby to a kid. But still very fragile. We need to become stronger first.

I am quite open to Open-source. and like open-source. We gain a lot from open-source. Snapmakerjs is base on cncjs!
I did feel we have obligation to contribute back

Glad to hear your feedback. Together let’s make Snapmaker better.



David, thanks. Great post. We greatly appreciate your openness.
Yes, shame on Mooz, copying and selling low is very dishonest.
Hopefully they being 10 times bigger means that their overhead cost are very large.
Snapmaker being small and lean is a BIG advantage.
Keep up the good work.


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Add another request for linux (actually freebsd) support.

I have used linux on and off for years, and freebsd since 0.7. (20+ years)
(freebsd has native support for linux, very rare to have any compatibility problems.)

I would never use winbloz for any life critical system, nor for any reliable real time system.

For the small system requirements snapmaker must have winbloz is will work, but I hate to have a dedicated machine just to run snapmaker software…

So, PLEASE SUPPORT LINUX/BSD (open software)…



You have a few justified concerns about your competition just down the road. But you need to have a few counter points to consider.

Open source will INCREASE your security, not reduce it. This has been proven time and again. Allowing a larger group to inspect and debug the source will eliminate more security holes and memory leaks than any small development can match. It is a simple matter of math…

The big bully copying your code, and beating you over your head with it, is a losing proposition for the bully. At the very least, it means they have to FOLLOW your lead, then massage content enough, to avoid legal liability (even with complete open source software, there are legal limits to what they can do without bending over for the “big one”)…

This is faith in your own nightmare. You just need a bit of faith that a few hundred/thousand reviewers can find bugs and security exposures faster than your own small development team. This is proven history in many projects (ie: apache, freebsd, linux, etc…).

I know your (our) software will not gather as much outside support as bigger less specific operating systems, server apps, or juicy generic apps, but you would (will?) be surprised on how many non-snapmaker-owners will get involved with an open software project (especially if it is perceived as a “david and goliath” issue).

Another item, your perceived requirement of a “source cleanup” is fantasy. In over 30 years, I have NEVER seen the great “source cleanup” happen. EVER. Except after the “get it done” pressure is OFF. (IBM, HP, Tesseract, many more…)

Open source has a way of being cleaned up, in a more natural way, than though a coding team under pressure to implement new functions, and to debug the existing ones.

The sooner, that you allow your source to be released to the open source world, the sooner you can reap the benefits. And smaller coding teams need assistance more than the fat wallet bullies do.

Finally, you do not have to release ALL the source all at once. Certain critical and propriety code blocks can be “black boxed” to protect yourself from malicious software
effects, and loss of internal trade secrets.

Sorry for the long post, but you hit a hot button of mine, which spans work flow, security, profit, and general craziness.



@philuser @william.o.yates @sebi1987 I just release Snapmakerjs linux version . Check it out here. Downloads and Updates I cover basic workflow testcase. But didn’t test thoroughly like Win & Mac version. Please aware this. Have fun~



friggin fantastic…!

but now the onus is on me to get off my butt…

(my only lame-out is i can only play with it, till i GET my snapmaker…) :slight_smile: