Warranty transfer

If I sell my A350, is the warranty transferable to a new owner?

According to the terms on their website, no. Though I have not heard of them asking for proof of purchase so I’m not sure how they would know.

Somewhere on this forum the staff stated that warranty is transferable.
I think it was a week or two ago.
You’ll have to search.

I am the second owner of my A250. When I needed a replacement part I was told that my email address was not on file. I informed them I was the second owner. They said the warranty does not transfer. So I have to pay for the failed part. I thought that was a load of crap; but it is what it is.

thats when you say “you guys cant even ship me a properly assembled hotend, just fix the entry in your system” :joy:

They recanted that statement.
I think around the time they were having all the failed rails.
Warranty does not transfer.


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The warranty does not transfer from one user to another one.

Here is an article of the limited warranty.


What is really needed is the ability to purchase individual parts without the need to go through tech support. My second proximity sensor has burned up and took the fan shroud that it mounts to with it. So I need those 2 parts. I also need the bed support piece as mine was badly bent (probably by the original owner’s habit of burring the nozzle into it). It would be nice to have all those parts available for purchase through regular channels.

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Thank you for your suggestions. As a member of the technical support team, we have advised our marketing leaders to put those parts on our online store so that the users can purchase them in a regular channel. But they would like to sell the 3D printing module and the linear module at the first half of 2021. If you need more parts or accessories, you have to contact support@snapmaker.com now.

Sorry for the inconvenience.