Warping after filament runout

I suppose there is not much to prevent the surface

layers from cooling down after multiple filament runouts…

causing warping??

ps apologies for poor quality photo

Same as in your other post, without infos about your settings (material, temps, and so on) its not easy to help.


I probably didnt expect one.

Basically the same mo as before

SM black 1.75 PLA and a vertical print running for 100+hours ( 4 days ) .

On the third day (yesterday) I started getting a lot of out of filament runout problems

when in fact there is plenty on the spool…

Must have had at least 10 in a 24 period.

I assume that once the surface has cooled sufficently that next layer adherence is reducedl.

. For example its a tallish but thin model ( 300+mm), so Im thinking that

swaying either side of the x axis a possible cause especially during vigorous infills

eg do I need more physical support to damp the movement .

Im currently using spool packing material and a bit of household glue.

PS Not had a runout problem today (I think)


PPS now off to find a room temperature logger…

What are you doing with that? :thinking: :open_mouth:

its the same glue that used for prepping the bed for first layer (prit stick)…

to hold the support material in place