Vibration 'dampeners'

I just made these My comments are in Thingiverse. Needless to say I was sceptical but proved wrong, they have really quietened down the printer, more so for the lower frequency sounds. The higher pitched sounds remain much the same.

You need to make four of each part and assembly is a little tricky - turn the inside part sideways, insert into the outer and twist.

Very useful addition to the Snapmaker and highly recommended.


Nice work mate, one issue thou can’t seem to be able to assemble them any tips?

It’s tricky. There are two different parts. The smaller part fits inside the larger one.
You need to squeeze the smaller one and put it into the one end of the larger one sideways, move it into the centre and then twist it around the long axis to get it the right way up.
It feels like you are going to break it but it will go in.

The twisting was the problem, had to use a pair of pliers to get them in. Supposedly their still in one piece, thou most importantly they seem to be carrying out their intended purpose.

Yes it takes a lot of force to get them assembled!
After some use I have realised that they are good at attenuating the lower frequency sounds but not the high frequency. I have seen that some people are using an elastic substance such as Sorbothane. When I get some time I might try that out too.

Indeed, but it still reduces the rattling quite a bit.
Sorbothane looks interesting as an idea, but it is fairly expensive by the looks of it

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What about something these?

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