V-Carve Engraving toolpath and SM 2.0

I wanted to check the cooperation between Snapmaker and Vectric. Toolpath was created for Bit V-shape 18 Deg (measurement based on the enlargement of the photo, otherwise I could not). I ordered 10 Deg but was sent rather 20 Deg. Now the others I ordered already rather have actually 10 Deg and I will use them for a new test.
Unfortunately, 12 000 RPM cannot work with a low power spindle. Work takes a long time at low speed F. A faster speed F setting is possible for very shallow cutting. Deeper drilling causes a lot of noise with high spindle vibration and a spindle RPM drop of up about 2000 to 10 000 RPM.

It would be advisable to install at least the more powerful 175W and 35 000 RPM Dremel. The weight of the Dremel is greater than the CNC SM 2.0 head, which prevents me from making such a change.