Use this one simple trick to solve all of your adhesion issues

I’ve always wanted to use a cheesy line like that. Now I have to tell a long story as a lead up to my “find”.
But really. I have cats. Cats have claws. They don’t claw the furniture but there is one edge of my living room loveseat that they will play on. Well my wife found a double sided clear tape that is made to keep cats off furniture. It’s similar to packing tape. It’s a very consistent .07mm thick. I’m using it to hold a laser/CNC workpiece in place. I used a squeegee to apply it to the piece. Sort of like putting on a phone screen protector. then started at one edge and laid it down on the bed. Again like the screen protector.
The piece fills the build plate so there really wasn’t any room for hold downs. lased and cut the piece without it moving at all. I imagine it would work for printing too. I will be trying that this weekend.

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The Snapmaker accessory store doesn’t want you to know this one trick - but its legal

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I know better ways to keep cats off furniture, but they’re probably not legal.


So, wanna give us the name/source for this amazing solution? Or use just any ol’ double sided sticky tape?

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Hee Hee Hee dont say anything captivating about cats! I can scrach and chew :heart_eyes_cat:

Cat training tape on Amazon, There are several brands but she got the Jxselect. I think I’ve seen it at Petco but it’s way more expensive.
It also comes in sheets but I think that would be harder to keep air bubbles out.

Its like glue traps for mice?

It’s not that thick or strong an adhesive. More like double sided packing tape.

Boy i wish i had that 3 years ago, RIP couch

Interesting use

There are a lot of good double sided tapes that are sort of reusable too, but the balance between too much and not enough adhesion is tricky,

looks like a cool product