USB Stick Format Information

The Snapmaker 2.0 (at least to code version 1.10) requires an FDISK (MBR) structure on the USB stick with a fat32 active partition in order to show files.

On freebsd this can be achieved with the following commands (where da1 is the raw drive)

First make sure the disk is truly wiped

gpart destroy -F da1

Then create the MBR (this is the equivalent of fdisk)

gpart create -F -s mbr /dev/da1

Then add a fat32 partition to it

gpart add -t fat32 da1

And finally create the actual msdos fat32 file system

newfs_msdos da1s1

This file system once created is recognised by the snapmaker and can be used to do upgrades/print etc…

There will for sure be an equivalent way to do this in MAC/Linux/Windows, the MBR partition table is the important bit that seems to be required.


Need some help! I’m using an iMac with the Big Sur OS and my Snapmaker USB stick stopped working. It is not recognized by the computer at all.

I plugged it into a Windows computer and it does not show up as an available drive. It shows up in Device Manager, under Disk Drives, but not in File Manager as an available disk.

Any suggestions for recovery? I’m not worried about any files on the drive, just want to get it working again.

Reformatting it might fix it. If you want to do so on a Mac, this set of instructions seems sane enough if you ignore the advertising at the end.

If formatting it doesn’t work, it’s probably easier just to buy a new USB stick (most USB 2.0 sticks will come preformatted with the correct type of file system, and they’re cheap).