Upgrade Firmware Not working


I went through the firmware upgrade once and didn’t notice anything different. Is it normal for the Snapmaker LED to be constantly flashing blue? It’s been printing fine since December. Have not tried CNC yet though.


Hi @Rainie @whimsycwd

It would be good if the Firmware Version could be displayed somewhere on the Snapmaker touchscreen; either permanently at the top line on the screen or via one of the menu’s




If I have the USB stick instead of the microSD card and my snapmaker says version 1.0 should I be doing some sort of firmware upgrade?


@doublecllcmt @Rainie

Hi there, another newbie here. I copied the .bin file onto the Snapmaker supplied USB stick, inserted it into the Snapmaker and followed the instructions and firmware updated without a hitch.

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where are you finding this .bin file have you requested it from support or is it somewhere on this forum, I have done a search and can only find the application downloads no firmware.




Hi Matt

Look at https://www.snapmaker.com/download scroll down the page and download Firmware: Snapmaker-GD32Base-1.2 , which is a zip file that contains the .txt instructions and .bin file for the firmware upgrade.

I hope that helps you



It looks like people with USB can upgrade the firmware, but not with the mini SD? We Beta’s need a sollution.



So no reply, yet?
I had to put my beta snapmaker away for a while, since I was busy with other stuff. Did I miss out a post somewhere, that shows how to upgrade the beta snaps with microSD?


Hi Sebastian,

My apologies for missing out this post.

We did send an email to all the beta testers on July 9 and provided a package specifically for beta testers to upgrade the beta Snapmaker. Did you receive it?

beta-coupon 1.png

If you can’t find the email, please let me know. I will see if we can work something out for you.

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It would be good if the Firmware Version could be displayed somewhere on the Snapmaker touchscreen; either permanently at the top line on the screen or via one of the menu’s…

Hi Doug, the Firmware Build is displayed on the About page of the touchscreen.


I downloaded the latest versions of software and firmware from the respective Download postings here in the forum, and updated everything without a hitch. Others are having this problem with the firmware upgrade as well as some with problems in Snapmakerjs regarding Text not being available in laser mode. I was just wondering if the links on the download page are in order?

Something else to really keep in mind regarding the copying of the bin file onto the USB drive:
In windows, (other OS’s probably have something similar) there are policy settings for these external memory drives which can either be set for “Quick Removal” or “Better Performance”.

If the latter is active then Write caching is enabled meaning that the file may not be completely written to the device when you remove it.

The “Safely Remove USB…” or the Eject function should be used before removing the drive, otherwise the bin file may be corrupt or incomplete.

Remember too, that the update function deletes the bin file from the device so repeated attempts may not work simply because the file is no longer on the drive.


Thanks Brian

BTW you responded to a year old entry from me; yet I still thank you for taking the time and effort to send me an update. I did find the firmware version ages ago.

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Well if nothing else perhaps it will help some other lost soul.


…and there are many of them


Hi Rainie,
thanks for the reply!
I just checked my mails and I didn’t find any mail with a coupon or something. I’d be happy if you resent it to me.
But to get a little more technical. I mean you somehow flashed the firmware on the beta-snaps. So there has to be some kind of programming-interface. I do have an ISP-programmer and such equipment, so even if the process is a bit complicated, I’d really like to try an update. Is there really no other way than purchasing a new controller?