Upgrade Firmware Not working


I used the instructions in the email to upgrade the firmware.
The light flashes rapid blue, but the new menu options are not there.

I go to the ABOUT section of the screen and it still says V1.0
All of my test prints are failing.


I have tried now with two different USB sticks with the Update.Bin file and it will not upgrade.


I am having the same issue


The BLUE LED flashing does not do the 4-5 slow blinks, it goes directly to the fast blink. The only file on the USB stick is the Update.Bin file. I have verified FAT32 as well.


Hi @dameetch @brbshaver
Please follow these steps to check: connect the printer to the computer -> open Snapmakerjs -> In the console section, enter M1005 -> please tell me what is the result. If the result is the same as the following picture shows, the upgrade was successful. Before you are sure the upgrade is successful, please don’t use the Reset function in the Calibration section. Or your heated bed may be damaged. Thank you!


Mine shows up the same as your screenshot above. I think the confusion is that when you enter the “about” section of the touch screen it still displays 1.0. But now that I think about it, I guess that is referring to the hardware and not the firmware?


I am having a similar issue. The Blue LED doesn’t flash at all however. Just steady on and no change in the firmware. I have connected to the computer with Snapmakerjs and it does not show the same as you have pictured.

ok T:20.3 /0.0 B:19.5 /0.0 B@:0 @:0
others < ok VERSION:1.0 DEVICE:snap3d_1 MCU:ATMega2560

That is what appears. I should also note that my version of the Snapmaker has a microSD card slot not a USB slot.


Yes, Mine matches the screen shot.
But yes, there is confusion, something should show the level of firmware visible on the screen.

Also, wasn’t there a PAUSE function added to the screen instead of the full STOP function?


Hi Rainie
can you tell my how i can update my 3d printer
We have the printer with the october 2017 delivery (BETA)
We want also the new updates and add-ons
please tell my how ?


I have copied the Update.bin file to the supplied Micro USB, turned off the printer, inserted the Micro USB and turned on the printer. I does not blink and the display comes up as it always has. I connected the computer to the printer and opened SnapMakerjs and entered M1005 in the console. It still shows all the original information.

Is there something I’m missing or another way to update the firmware?


Hi Jerry, I have the same problem and result when entering M1005 in the console.
FYI: MicroSD snapmaker.



@dameetch @brbshaver
Sorry for the confusion. We will update the About section next time so that it matches the firmware version.

We are developing the Pause function now. We will let you know once it is released. Please stay tuned!

@Neighmaker @mvanderstel @jerrydeal @Matisse
If your Snapmaker has a microSD card instead of a USB Disk, you don’t need to upgrade the firmware. The upgrade is mainly for bug fixing for some of the machines with the “Calibration” function.


Thanks for your reply.


Yes, thank you - appreciate the update.


Does this mean we can change filaments between pauses?


Yes. Exactly. :sunglasses:


Thank you ,I have the same question.


will the early beta machines with the sd card also support pause?


Same here the firmware update does nothing, no flashing led.


I know when you try to REFLASH, the LED’s will not flash. You may have already got flashed to the newest level. Keep reading, somewhere in one of these post, it tells you how to go in and see if you have the latest firmware.