I wait about 10 minutes, nothing happens. I never reach screen with 1-4 points…


Sorry to hear. I think you have to wait for the support team in this case.
So Z-axis goes down to the click and then up for a few mm. X and Y are all the way left/back?


Yes, all exes traveled to 0 position (click). Then Z traveled few mm up. I think this firmware problem. It ll be good to log all to com port.


Checked into this. It does not appear to be the problem. The heating element and the thermister both appear to be inserted properly.


Hi! Still wait for possible fixes.
May be application functionality to calibrate from mac? Or new firmware with event logging to com?


Would you be able to exchange a new brain board and a new print head with my existing ones? Perhaps you may be able to find the issue easier and faster if you have the faulty parts in your hands. Ive been in and out of town the past few weeks so I haven’t had much time to mess with the printer lately.


I have an issue with the Snapmaker. The touch screen control portion of the device no longer works. It stays with a black screen. I have switched the device off and unplugged and re plugged the connectors and restarted the device to no avail. The printer itself still appears to be working as taping on the screen does result in the printer moving. However there is no visible image on the touchscreen.


My Z linear module quit working, I unplugged it and plugged it back in, rebooted the system, tried to move it via touch screen, nothing working. I have only had it 1 week, and have only printed off 3 items.


After switching around cables, it isn’t the linear module, it is the Controller, the plug # 5 isn’t communicating.


Is anyone looking at these issues? I see a lot of posts but not very many replies.


I received my snapmaker, the bed is impossible to adjust, the calibration is ok, but when printing I have 0.15mm of different on the first layer. It sucks, no way to solve that.No answer from the team.I regret this lack of respect and professionalism.I also regret my support and do not advise the purchase of this toy for children.


wow… perhaps a different hobby is in order…

first i’ve seen you, so perhaps a bit of patience…?

try reading a bit before hating the world…



I have less problem with a Chinese product at 100 euros, for better quality. Why should not I be angry?
Before writing here, I contacted people who should answer me. It does not make any sense.I think it’s better to warn people. And if several people have the same problem is that I’m right.


you found a 3-n-1 3D printer / laser engraver / cnc carver for 100 euros…?

how do i find it…?

i’ll buy one right now…

as far as products go, snapmaker is a new product, just out of beta testing…

software, and even some hardware problems should be expected…

this forum is here to help with problems, and to share tips, ideas, and such…

rather than just venting, perhaps you could explain your problems in a bit more detail…

but if venting makes you feel better, and then you go away, that’s fine also…



Some people angry, 'cause they not received any answer in time.
I checking email and forum every hour about 17 days!!!
I need any answer “yes we understand you problem, we try to solve it”,
or “we swindlers and you dupe never receive any help from us”


That’s quite right. You do not have to be naive William, I invested a significant amount to help the snapmaker team for a product I believe in. I receive the result, and we are far from the promises. the box is pretty, but the first test the leveling is failing. how can one send a finished product while it is not controlling.maybe you were lucky, and maybe I was not. but in the end, if we wait for remarks or feedback from customers, we should expect a positive as well as a negative.and you can not judge me for that. Have a good day in the world of happy elves.


I see one more thing, the financial goal has been exceeded by 4500%, without counting the direct pre-order. With this funding, a minimum of solutions can be expected.

For cheaper equivalents, visit gearbest or Aliexpress, more shipping and taxes are often free unlike this project, or I had to add 150usd more!



Well said, I am with you. I have no time for people who only want to vent in a negative fashion. I place no value on their opinion or commentary. If there are problems, then articulate what they are, relay the experience with facts and offer suggestions for improvement if possible.

keep having fun.



in some things, you are correct…

negative, as well as positive feedback should be expressed…

if response times are excessive, then THAT should be addressed, as a SUPPORT issue, NOT a PRODUCT issue…

but generic venting does nobody any good…

as far as the financial situation of snapmaker, it has nothing to do with operation or satisfaction of the product…

myself, i hope there IS a profit, so snapmaker can continue making products…

as for myself, i do NOT just want you to go away, but would prefer to help resolve the issues you have with the product…

i have yet to know what problems you have with snapmaker, except that somehow, leveling does not work for you as expected…

have you even tried to follow the steps in the manual…?

and if you have, where did things go bad…?

please be specific…



Hi william,

I will try to explain the problem in detail. for measurements I use a steel gauge accurate to 0.01mm. I did the calibration as indicated in the manual. The right point at the bottom can not be precise, calibration is done in steps of 0.05 mm. So the plateau is not 100% flat. Then, after a save of course, I redo a calibration to check that my data is saved.Everything is OK until this step.I launch the program, latest version available on this forum. At the time of printing, the nozzle will rise between 0.11 and 0.14 mm So the print does not stick at all and it’s missed.I tried to calibrated in tights the nozzle to the tray this time. Same problem.I ask rainie the specificities to manage since Simplify3d, program which was announced as compatible (it is not the case, it is necessary to manage everything and to seek even).

I have contacted the support a few times and they do not answer me precisely. I received a FFF profile for Simplify3d put it is not good …