I have communicated all the info I have to Snapmaker saying,

"So just an update. I have managed to isolate the problem and re create the conditions to control it. It appears that once initiating the calibration process the Z axis dose not recognize its maximum and minimum parameters.

In jog mode, the Z axis can only move up. Not down.

The homing point sets 10mm higher every time it finds home.

When starting a print, it starts with the nozzle 10-15mm above the print bed.

This can be emmm… worked around by disconecting the Z axis from the controller alowing it to fall to the print bed (on to a bit of card to allow for the filament) and continue printing.

The parameters of the Z axis can be reset by disconnecting the Y axis Liner module and plugging it in to port 4. Then in jog mode, pushing Z+ then Z-, both the Y and Z axis will move up 10mm then down 10mm.

Replacing the Y into its port all axis now work to max and min parameters.

Whats interesting is that if you move the Z and Y from port 4&5 with Z+ and don’t take it back to 0. The problem with moving up and not down now persists on the Y axis. Unless you cycle the power, reset the positions of the linear modules and then its back on the Z axis.

All cable connections are solid.

Any ideas?"

still yet to receive a response.

After some more tinkering, I have found that printing with a skirt (option is snapmakerjs) gives you more than enough time to disconnect the Z axis and quickly set the first layer for proper adhesion to the print bed. The prints have been printing consistently once the get going.

Now having issues with snapmakerjs and generating the G-code for larger and/or higher resolution prints… aaaand so the battle rages ever onward.

Best of luck guys, will keep you posted.



I had similar experience with updating, see: bug-reports-and-feedback-for-snapmakerjs
Differences here I attached a laptop to ensure the door enclosure feature was properly set in firmware.
I also had to reset - and calibrate twice (see post above).