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Getting acquainted with the software and I am unable to open any STL file I have or created. Anywhere I put my STL files Snapmaker3D doesn’t see them either. Was hoping to see how long machine time would be for a few parts so when my SnapMaker arrives I can start making stuff.


Can you give us screenshot and other infos such as your Operating System(Win 7 32 bit , for example). And how you import STL file. and attach STL file will helpful. @nightowlracing


I am the maintainer of Snapmaker3D.
I found a bug about parsing ascii format STL file several hours ago , maybe the bug causes the issue.

Doing this may be useful.
Try to export STL file as binary format instead of ascii format. Then open STL file by Snapmaker3D.

How to check the format of STL file ?
Open STL file by text software.
If the content is readable, else the format is binary.

I will fix the bug in about two weeks.
Thanks for your response.


Using the Snapmaker3D software. Is it possible to select/load multiple STL files for a single print?


Hi Neighmaker,

Thank you for bringing this up to us.
It is not possible to select/load multiple STL files for a single print. If there is a large demand, we will consider developing this function.


The Snapmaker3D 1.4.3 only supports load single STL/OBJ file.
We are still discussing whether supporting loading multiple STL/OBJ files.
Because supporting loading multiple STL/OBJ files is a complicated feature.
May we will develop the feature in 2.x version.


Thank you for the reply and consideration. I was just thinking that there are some models/designs that have multiple small parts, but they are divided into multiple STL files. Being able to print several at a time would be efficient, but not essential. I also understand that it’s all still a new project and you have a small but definitely dedicated team. Thank you.


Is the Snapmaker software compatible with other 3D design programs and scanners? I am looking at purchasing a 3D scanner (XYZ) but didn’t want to waste my time if its not compatible.


@dnpxtn Snapmkaer3D is desgined to process .stl & .obj. which is a standard format for 3D Model. (Like PNG & JPEG to image). I haven’t used 3D scanner before. But I think if they can’t generate STL or OBJ format. It is a very strange design decision for XYZ.


Thank you very much, that helps in my search!


Is there a function of switching Snapmaker3D to inches? I loaded an inches STL into the software and I get the “model is too tiny, please scale” error and it says it’s only a few mm tall.


We will seriously consider your proposal .
What you mentioned is necessary .
Thanks for your proposal .


yep I completely agree about mm being more versatile. Only once in a blue moon do I design something in inches.


I’m sorry about the limitations of my experience that i never used inches before.
After discussing what you mentioned with my colleague, we think the demand that using inches as unit is really necessary.
The feature will be added in 2.x version.


I’m using mm - like almost the whole world but I also see the Need for Inch Support.

For printing multiple small objects at once - Import them to your drawing program and connect them to just 1 drawing.
I know it’s a Workaround and not what you want (simple drag&drop to Snapmaker3D) but a solition if you don’t want to Change file/printed object multiple times.
The only Thing you have To mention is that all objects have to be correctly placed (orientated) so Snapmaker3D can add the Support and so on.

PS I’m sorry for my (wrong) upper and lower case writing - this is just my browser at work (IE) and I’m tired of correcting “her” all the time…


Hi. I am having trouble connecting the computer to the snapmaker via USB.
When I plug the cable in it makes a beep and the software says cable connected but it won’t connect when I hot connect on any of the com ports,
I am using Windows 10 64 bit on a Toshiba Terca A11 laptop.


Hi, @LuckyMat

I never met this situation before.

Here is my advice :

  1. Make sure the printer has connected to laptop via USB.
    If the machine is connected to the computer successfully, the PRINT button will be clickable after you load a STL/OBJ file.
  2. Try disconnect and re-connect the USB cable.
  3. Temporary solution
    SD card printing is a complete substitution of printing via USB.
    You can export gcode and save it to the SD card, then print via SD card.
    I would like to figure out the reason of problem, please send me more info such as pictures, videos to my email ( ) .

Thanks for your feedback and have fun with snapmaker.


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Hi guys have tried unsuccessfully to run a gyro air print cube twice and I’m having trouble when the print gets approx 3mm high and the whole print lifts away from the bed. The bed temp is around 50degs. I am new to 3D and do not have experience yet to know if I have done something wrong or need to do something else…?