Troubleshooting for Laser engraving


@doug @Noah

I tried the USB connection in a different port and it gave me COM4 for the Port Connection, instead of COM1.

After I switched it to COM4, my Laser Section just appeared!

Okay, now that I have that, lets start a Laser Engraving.

Thanks again for all your help,


@MHalvey05 @Noah

Well done! i just did the same test using the wrong Com port and you only see the 3D printer options. This in one for the FAQ’s in using the correct COM port.

As a suggestion start with B&W etches, much quicker and gives you a good practice with settings. Greyscale is a learning curve and each project can take hours to print.

For example. This poor photo of a grey-scale image 50x62mm took 4.5hours. The clarity is almost photo like. Don’t test on 80gsm paper, you tend to burn holes through it. I have been testing with 150gsm paper(card). I am yet to try wood, leather, acrylic etc.

Many B&W can take as little as 10 min, depending on detail; most of my trials have been around 30mins

Have fun



Did you click Save after Set.



Yeah, I started a Gray Scaled image just now but stopped it after you mentioned the timelines. It is not printing in B/W and moving A LOT faster.

Thank you again for your help! Now working on the Work Zero, which is the starting area, and getting it to fit in my laser area. Just a lot of back and forth play to ensure everything fits and is scaled correctly.



What power are you running the laser at. i found the default value of 70% is not enough to make a mark. Try 90%




I am running mine at 75% power. I was just following the Snapmaker Youtube video on getting started. I went from 70% to 75%. It is coming out nice and dark.



Hi @logistik Sorry for the delay response.
It might be a bug that regarding to parse svg file. Because svg file have a lot format depend on which software you use.
Could you send me the file so that I can figure out what is going wrong.

But I think it won’t hinder your work. The size is mm and it’s physics size. That means that it’s size of your printed results.



I have a similar issue, trying to focus, no dot, may have a new glitch.
When in the laser mode try to run, dot appears but at low focus level and shows the pwr set to 80%.
And during this time the focus widget jumps from laser to cnc while trying to laser engrave.
I have screen shots of this but not sure how to attach here.
Machine was working great for several samples with no issues before this.


Hello @jokeefe What characteristics do you have on the laser? What about height?. I have a problem I’m only able to get him to burn the paper a little bit: P, in other materials it doesn’t do anything to him. You know what this is about?



@Robertct Sorry for my delay in responding, I have been dealing with some medical issues. When I am working with the laser module I have found that it works best if I am connected to a computer and use the controls in Snapmakerjs to lower the head until it is about 2 inches (63.5mm) above the work piece. From there I can refine the focus by turning on the laser and focusing it using the control (lower left of the Snapmakerjs connection window once you are connected to the SnapMaker).
I have only been working with wooden (red oak, poplar, ash) work pieces and have not played with paper so I can not report about how SnapMaker works on paper.
The trick with wood is to get a nice sharp picture. Working with the relatively small (I also have much larger, 20 X 12 inch laser engravers) area for laser engraving if you have a lot of small details they will often muddy up the printed picture or run together.


Hello! I hope you’re all right. Thank you very much. I’ve been testing with wood today and if it’s going well enough. I’d have to watch him work a little faster. The material I’d like to try is methacrylate. See if I can try this weekend.

Thank you very much.


@Robertct If you are going to engrave plastics with a laser make sure you have good ventilation because you may produce toxic gases.


Hi @Robertct @rainie

Thanks for that tip. As a newbie, is there a chart that indicates the different toxicities of the 3D filaments? Also in lasering/engraving materials where are the dangers. I know that the dust from MDF wood is carcinogenic.

it would be good to have a section this forum to highlight dangers.



@doug About a year go there was a chart that was published on one of the other forums that I participate in in which we were discussing cutting polycarbonates, acrylics and other materials with various lasers/powers. I just do not remember exactly where the chart was published and it is going take me some time looking through my NAS’s to find where I stashed my copy.



Well done, maybe some other forum members reading this may have it and submit it to the forum and save you the effort.

Have a great weekend



I need to set my power at 100% to get any engraving done. What am i doing wrong.


Hello @gjo

I am a newbie, however I found that setting the focus is all important. Aside from raising/lowering the laser head to obtain the smallest dot, have you tried turning the focus ring on the laser head also. This made a big difference for me in reducing the dot size.



Hi yes i have used both the focus ring and moving the head (z-axis) up to get a very focused small dot size. Anything less than 100% e.g. 99% with the same setup (focus) will not work.



Have you sent an email message to about this. Note: they are a bit snowed under at the moment, so be patient.

I have messaged @Rainie on this